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Holding a Paintbrush



Something about me...

In my art, I like to capture the beauty of places, people, underwater. My art is bold and colourful. I paint mostly in pop art style but sometimes divert from it.  My style constantly develops, I'm changing year by year so my art is changing with me. I explore different techniques, but I paint mostly in acrylics, oil, and watercolour. I paint what I see everyday but also what I love doing everyday. I love people, I paint people. I love travelling, I paint places. I love scuba diving, I paint underwater world. I want people to see how I see the world. 

I am environmental couscous and I consider my work as a way to connect a human being with the natural world and make people think about their impact on environment. When I paint underwater, figurative and landscapes I always try to show how beautiful they are in the world.

My art is an outcomes of many experiences and I rarely have series of paintings developed with one theme. Although if you look at my art it is all connected to my main hobbies and places where I lost my heart. 


Please get in touch for more information about Barbara Derecka Art, to discuss possible collaborations, or for any media inquiries.

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Wet Paintbrushes
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