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Autumn Exhibition with D31 Gallery

I'm pleased to share that once again my paintings have been accepted by D31 and are included into the Autumn Exhibition 2023 - Celebrating our differences!

You can vote on any painting you like but please remember you can also find my name and vote for me. I have five paintings included into the exhibition and they all are very close to the main theme... differences.

Why this topic is so important? We are all different! The world would be extremely boring if we all look like celebrities. And yet do we all want to be like them? Not necessarily! Certainly not me! And yet we face critique every day if don't follow trends, if our opinions are a bit different or if we look different. And yet it really does not matter what colour our skin is, are we tall or short, skinny or curvy. What matters is how we feel, are we healthy and do we have people around us who will support us and talk to us id needs be.

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